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We offer full-service grooming, bathing services and a la carte services for boarding clients as well as standalone appointments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked grooming questions.

Time between grooms can vary between breeds and personal preference.  Non-shedding breeds which require a haircut, should be regularly maintained and groomed every 2-6 weeks.  Most dogs should be professionally groomed at least every 8 weeks – especially if they are an indoor dog.  Another rule of thumb, the longer you want to keep your dog’s hair, requires shorter spans in between grooming appointments.
YES!  We work on appointments and do not cater to walk-ins.  Simply give us a call and we can find a time and date that works for you.  317-786-0773
Grooming appointments are scheduled Monday – Friday.  You are able to drop off in the morning between 7-9am and your dog will be ready for pickup in the afternoon between 4-6pm.  All dogs are with us for the duration of the day and will be provided water and potty breaks.
Just your dog!  There is no need to bring food, bedding or toys.
We do allow walk-in nail trims for $12.  No appointment needed for nail trims, however, you may want to call ahead and make sure one of our groomers is currently present.
We have a variety of high quality non-chemical grooming products.  Typically, our groomers will choose the product that is right for your dog’s coat and skin.  Whether its Melaleuca, Oatmeal, Argan or Hypoallergenic, we have  a product that will work for your situation.  You are also welcome to bring along your own specialty shampoo if need be.
Prices vary depending on breed, size and condition.  Full grooms typically start at $45 and go up.  A bath/brush typically start at $25 and up.
 A bath and brush or commonly referred to as a feet & face, includes a hydrosurge bath, blowout, brush, nail trim & file, ear cleaning, check anal glands, spritz of perfume and a bandana.   A full groom includes all of the above plus a breed-specific haircut.

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